Impaired Driving: It’s Not Just Alcohol Anymore

Everyone knows not to drink and drive, but according to the CBC, the OPP laid 6,500 charges in 2016 for impaired driving and more than 30 people died in Ontario due to drunk driving accidents. Those numbers were released at the end...
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Legal Matters with Chris Richard: Negligence Claims

Lee Sterry: Legal matter time with Chris Richard. He’s in studio with us today, from Graves and Richard, Niagara’s largest personal injury law firm. And we are going to delve into an area today that is greatly misunderstood in a lot of...
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Liability and Your Office Holiday Party

Many people look forward to the annual holiday party at work. It is a chance to socialize with work colleagues in a relaxed, fun environment. While these can be thoroughly enjoyable events, they also hold pitfalls for both employees and employers, especially...
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Drive Safely This Summer

Many people think of road safety in the winter, but few of us realize how dangerous our roads are in the summer. According to the Canada Safety Council, more people die in traffic accidents in Canada during the summer months than during...
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