Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accidents

RV Personal Injury Lawyer

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accidents

Recreational vehicles (RVs), or campers, can range in size from small, simple trailers the size of a minivan to the large luxury units the size of a coach bus. All RVs have a few common attributes, including being larger than most other vehicles on the road, having a wider turning radius, greater weight and not requiring any specialized licensing or training to drive these vehicles.

Because of their size, weight and, in some cases, the inexperience of their drivers, RVs can inflict greater injuries on the motorists around them. The drivers in other vehicles are more likely to sustain serious injuries when their vehicles collide with an RV, including:

Passengers within RVs can also be injured as a result of a collision, but, more commonly, passengers are injured from falling objects and equipment which were improperly secured. Our skilled lawyers at Graves and Richard are experienced in representing victims of motor vehicle accidents, including those which involve RVs.

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